Windows 10 Star Menu Button Not Working

If you run into a problem where the hitting the Windows start button and the menu doesn’t pop open then it can be a corrupt profile.

I would backing up the user data before you start this process. This is the “C:\Users\” and that user’s folder.

Open the control panel, go to “User Accounts”, “Manage User Accounts”, and remove a user. You will need Administrative privileges to do this. Make sure when doing this to delete all files so that nothing is left. Then  re-create the user and verify once you are logged in that things have returned to normal.

This start menu issue that we resolved this was was only affecting the end user not the whole OS, so it was a profile corruption problem.

Acquiring TWAIN / Scan Into Softdent Takes Minutes

We had a customer with issue on several machines. One day one person had it and then a few days later another person had the issue on a different machine. I used the “Resource Manager” and saw that the memory was a little over 75% used. The biggest hog of memory was Skype using about 3 gigs of the memory.

The computer it self had 4 gigs of memory so essentially 75% was used by Skype. They barely use Skype. When the “Process Tree” was killed and Skype was quit the scanning into Softdent worked quickly.

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Nextiva Phone Goes Silent After 10 Minutes

We have switched over to VOIP

Nextiva tech support has to switch to “Transfer Type” to use the TCP protocol. When phone is set up the first time the default set-up with the “Tranfer Type” uses the UDP protocol. This cannot be done by the administrative panel you have to call Nextiva Tech Support.

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