Windows Update Failure – error code 8024402F

When performing windows updates on a computer you may run into the following error “Windows Update error code 8024402F” which is caused by network issues.

This issue is caused when the network firewall or computer antivirus is blocking the computer from accessing the IP address associated with the windows update server

The reason why your firewall or antivirus may be blocking the IP address is because Microsoft reuses the same IP pools used by Azure. This can cause the IP address to be sometimes associated with Pornography websites or other types of websites that may be blocked by your firewall or antiviruscontent filter.

Method of finding IP address associated with Windows update server:

Run a packet capture using your Firewall or Wireshark on the computers WIFI or Ethernet NIC card while running the update check and look for the following packet sequence:

x.x.x.x x.x.x.x /get winupdates/……………anything can go here…..

Once you acquire the IP address associated with that packet place it in your firewall’s white-list and you should be able to now grab updates from the windows servers.

The MACos Installation Couldn’t Be Completed

We got a call from a customer with a couple of MACs in there place and one of them was giving the following error “the macos installation couldn’t be completed”. There are a couple of options out there to fix this and able to get the user back up and running, but only after doing a “reinstall os” option.

This video was a good start; however, the “restart” option didn’t work. Start with the “command button” and “r”  to get the recovery dialog box.

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Outlook a program is trying to access e-mail address

We had a customer who’s Outlook keep popping up the following dialog box.

Here is the link we used to understand the issue.

This location uses Vipre Antivirus. We logged onto their server and went into the Vipre console. The customer’s machine appeared up-to-date with the client; however, the definitions were slightly behind. Not by much. We pushed “Definition Upates”, and this resolved the issue right-a-way.

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Window 10 Media Creation Tool and Update Catalog

Windows 10 allows you to download the Operating System Software. This is a big change for the way Microsoft distributed the installation disks. You may need this to perform a system repair. Here is a link to the download.

Another link we often need is for the Windows Update Catalog. Here you can search for the appropriate update. There is often a listing for a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version, so be careful of which one you download. Here is the link.

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