BING Not Indexing Meta Description

While working on the SEO for a site we discovered we got different results from Google and Bing; moreover, Bing didn’t index our Meta Description they used the copy on the page. The titles were the same. It is a WordPress site running Yoast SEO using a DIVI theme. Yoast showed the SEO as being excellent and no real errors. We had to conclude that Bing will index your site the way they see fit.

The site was in both Bing and Google’s webmaster tools, and neither one of them showed any errors. We measured the length of the site’s page description and they were all less than 155 characters. Yoast evaluated our the way the descriptions were written and gave it the green light. We had the site evaluate with and they found no issues and gave the site a score of 87.

We scoured Bing Webmastertools and the web and didn’t find much, so we decided to put this post to see if we get comments. We only found a small amount of others out there with the same question. We are looking for a way to contact Bing and see why. What helped our final conclusion that the meta description that Bing uses can be made up by Bing was the following article from Yoast. They admit that if Bing finds your description to be inadequate then they can make their own.

Let us know if this helped you…


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