Error “Err_Too_Many_Redirects”- Siteground

We are setting up a new site on Siteground’s hosting, and after we log into our WooCommerce install and try to get to the home page we get this error. We found an article on Siteground’s site to help us understand the issue, and we will post the link below. We wanted to document what we needed to do to resolve the issue.

This site is on Siteground’s staging server, and we were not sure if the staging part had something to do with it. The first thing the article suggest is disabling plugins. We did this but couldn’t locate the issue. This is partly due to the Server-side caching that SiteGround provides. We located the caching under the “Speed” tab.

We needed to disable each plugin, delete the server cache, delete the browser cache, and then login to site and try to get back to the home page. This was a huge help. We found that “Ultimate Membershipplug-in was our culprit. We found “content control” plug-in worked the best for limiting access to pages until user logs in.

Let us know if this helped you…


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