Ampersand in SEO character count

Writing for Search Engines limits you to a certain character count, so we wondered if was better to use the Ampersand versus the word ” and “? Part of the reason is the ampersand gets converted to HTML entities and is listed as ” amp& “ which equals 6 characters. Using “and” would be ” and “ which only equals 5 characters. Will using Ampersand versus the word “and” use less characters in our search results?

Our research lead us many different articles with different ways to look at. There were a lot of old information that lead us nowhere. We realized we could use our website’s data to figure this out. What we found out is it is better to use “&” versus “and“. The HTML entities doesn’t play a part in the character count.

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3 Dots After Google Search Listing

While doing a review of our site for SEO we were thrown by seeing out page URL’s shortened and three vertical dots at the end of the title. An example is our shows one of our services as just our site name, the category “services”, and then the three dots. We were expecting the specific service after that. When you click on the three dots you get a modal with “About this result Beta” and some stuff. It looks like this.

Our access control page in Google search listing

Now this windows shows what the full URL is; however, at first this is alarming. We work hard on our SEO.

At first we really didn’t find any information on this, and we expected an email in our webmastertools account. It turns out to not have an affect on the search results. Eventually we found the following article to explain the new “about this result” feature.

We never found out why it pulls from Wikipedia. Colleges do not consider Wikipedia a reliable source. Sources say Google claims this feature was developed during the pandemic to ensure users on how reliable the source is. Making web searches from everyone in the USA are getting reliable information.

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SCAM – Phone Call Regarding Google Listing

We have been getting phone calls from (240) 514-0971 and (352) 453-5733 which turn out to be a robo calls for fixing our Google listing. You are suppose to push a button to speak to a representative. When I push the button I got a person who tries to scam you to pay them to update your Google listing. When we asked them exactly what they would do they hung up on us. Anyone legitimately asking for your business would stay on the line.

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