Skype Camera Side Ways – Solved

Had a customer that when he tried to use Skype the webcam was showing his video feed sideways. We looked the web for a solution and a lot of people had the issue and said to uninstall and use a earlier version.

We were able to resolve issue by using the installed client version of Skype versus the browser version.

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Acquiring TWAIN / Scan Into Softdent Takes Minutes

We had a customer with issue on several machines. One day one person had it and then a few days later another person had the issue on a different machine. I used the “Resource Manager” and saw that the memory was a little over 75% used. The biggest hog of memory was Skype using about 3 gigs of the memory.

The computer it self had 4 gigs of memory so essentially 75% was used by Skype. They barely use Skype. When the “Process Tree” was killed and Skype was quit the scanning into Softdent worked quickly.

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