Link Analytics To Search Console Not Working

This is often very straight forward; however, we recently ran into an issue where an account in Analytics and an account in the Search Console wouldn’t link. The Search Console only showed a small amount of the properties we have. We often set up an Analytics account and then set up a Search Console property and link the two. This time when we tried to link them no matter what we did the Property we were looking to link with the Analytics wouldn’t show up. When we hit “Add a site” we were directed to the right property in the Search Console; however, there was no way to link the two.

We found a way to list all of our properties by following the link from the following page:

Using this link directed us to all of our Properties, but still didn’t link up the two platforms of Analytics and Search Console.

The following link lead us to the right answer:

When we set up the Property in the Search Console we did as “Domain“, but what we needed to do is go back to the Property and add it as a “URL Prefix“.

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Outlook Not Sending Emails – Adobe

We had a call from a customer with the issue where her emails were not leaving Outlook and just stacking up. We checked profiles, passwords, and all the usual suspects; however, new profiles and such only fixed the issue for that day. When the issue appeared the following day we dug deeper and saw the following Creative Cloud storage was popping up in the email.

The customer wasn’t sure what this was but when she clicked “Yes” the email sent. It didn’t send for us; however, we disabled this “Add-in” by doing the following:

  1. Click File on the Outlook menu
  2. Click Options on the File menu
  3. Click Add-ins
  4. Select COM Add-ins from the Manage drop-down
  5. Click Go
  6. Deselect Adobe Document Cloud for Microsoft Outlook – Acrobat
  7. Click OK.

After this the emails were leaving the outbox.

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Open WEBP File In Photoshop

We recently needed to open a .webp file to resize it to match the other logos needed on a website. We discovered someone has created a plugin to work with Photoshop. We are using an older copy of Photoshop CS6. Here is link to the Plugin:

We downloaded it and put it into “C:\\program files\adobe\photoshop(64 bit)\plugins\“. We did need admin rights to paste the file. Restarted Photoshop and we could open the files

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Force Download of DOCX file

It is very common to have a form on your website that you want users to download. We often convert them to .PDF files or we have event zipped them to force the browser to download the file. We recently discovered a much simpler way by just adding “download” to the <a> tag. We learned this from the follow page at W3Schools.

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DIVI Customizer Not Saving Changes

We started a new site using DIVI because a DIVI layout pack fit what the customer was looking for. From the start we jumped into the Customizer in the child theme and the preview looked perfect; however, the front end never changed. We changed a background photo and this changed till we exited the page builder. We have never had this issue.

Out of frustration we started over from scratch and got the same issue from a different layout. We cleared out the DIVI cache by going to Divi > Theme Options > Builder > Advanced.

We found our fix by turning off the “Static CSS File Generation“.

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BING Not Indexing Meta Description

While working on the SEO for a site we discovered we got different results from Google and Bing; moreover, Bing didn’t index our Meta Description they used the copy on the page. The titles were the same. It is a WordPress site running Yoast SEO using a DIVI theme. Yoast showed the SEO as being excellent and no real errors. We had to conclude that Bing will index your site the way they see fit.

The site was in both Bing and Google’s webmaster tools, and neither one of them showed any errors. We measured the length of the site’s page description and they were all less than 155 characters. Yoast evaluated our the way the descriptions were written and gave it the green light. We had the site evaluate with and they found no issues and gave the site a score of 87.

We scoured Bing Webmastertools and the web and didn’t find much, so we decided to put this post to see if we get comments. We only found a small amount of others out there with the same question. We are looking for a way to contact Bing and see why. What helped our final conclusion that the meta description that Bing uses can be made up by Bing was the following article from Yoast. They admit that if Bing finds your description to be inadequate then they can make their own.

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Unable To Upload Thumbnail To YouTube Video

We have been working on adding some useful tech videos to our YouTube channel; however, we were unable to upload our custom thumbnail. We looked around for a bit and discovered our YouTube account wasn’t verified. We were able post the video without it. The thumbnail icon was just grayed out.

We are not exactly sure how we eventually got the prompt that we needed to verify, but when we did we got a code sent to our phone. Put that code in and we could now upload our own custom thumbnail.

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