VOIP – Verizon, Comcast Or Third Party

Voice Over IP is has been around for a long time; however, not until internet speeds were they really a viable option for businesses. We have worked with several companies now and this is one thing we find import to consider and that is “who is your ISP?”

One of customers is with Comcast as the ISP and wants to move over to Verizon to gain the advantages of inexpensive Fiber Optic lines now available at their place of business. The issue is they have Comcast VOIP and they would have to spend a lot of time swapping over their phone system.

We would suggest you look at third-party options such a Nextiva. This will allow you the flexibility of moving between different ISPs without a lot of configuration changes.

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Nextiva Phone Goes Silent After 10 Minutes

We have switched over to VOIP

Nextiva tech support has to switch to “Transfer Type” to use the TCP protocol. When phone is set up the first time the default set-up with the “Tranfer Type” uses the UDP protocol. This cannot be done by the administrative panel you have to call Nextiva Tech Support.

Let us know  if this helped you…


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