Open WEBP File In Photoshop

We recently needed to open a .webp file to resize it to match the other logos needed on a website. We discovered someone has created a plugin to work with Photoshop. We are using an older copy of Photoshop CS6. Here is link to the Plugin:

We downloaded it and put it into “C:\\program files\adobe\photoshop(64 bit)\plugins\“. We did need admin rights to paste the file. Restarted Photoshop and we could open the files

Let us know if this helped you….

Force Download of DOCX file

It is very common to have a form on your website that you want users to download. We often convert them to .PDF files or we have event zipped them to force the browser to download the file. We recently discovered a much simpler way by just adding “download” to the <a> tag. We learned this from the follow page at W3Schools.

Let us know if this helped you….

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