Outlook “An unexpected error has occurred.”

We got a call from a customer who was getting an error in Outlook saying “An unexpected error has occurred.” We Google’d for some advice, but all the suggestions were regarding a corrupt Outlook profile. Well being Windows 11 these settings were a bit tougher to find.

We realized the user was pulling their contacts from their migrated Office 365 account. This was a newer computer and we discovered when they typed in the “Board Members” it populated the Bcc field they wanted but the email wouldn’t send. This is because the group “Board Members” no longer existed in the new Outlook profile.

We went to the ribbon at the top of their Outlook and clicked on the address book icon.

Once the address book opened we went to the top menu item “Tools“, and selected “Options“. Here you need change “Address Book:” to “Contacts“. Now their group was listed and the email sent.

Let us know if this helped you ….

Firefox Disable Website Notifications

We had a customer who suddenly started getting notifications from a website and didn’t want them any more. The customer was using Firefox browser. Here are the steps to removing or blocking these notifications.

  • Find the settings button. On this machine a new tab gave us a gear icon to click on. There is also the hamburger menu which you click on to expand and select “Settings“.

  • Click on the “Privacy and Security” menu item on the left. Scroll down to “Permissions“. Locate “Notifications” and click on it’s “Settings” button.

  • Select the website’s notification and either “Block” it or “Remove Website”. Then click “Save Changes”.

Let’s know if this helped you…

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