Phone Number “Spam Likely” Fix

One of our employees called one our partners, but didn’t reach them. When they called them from their cell phone the person told them they didn’t answer the call because it came across labeled “Spam Likely”. We reached out to our VOIP provider.

The VOIP provider said there was nothing they could do and that the number was reported as spam. They said we would need to go the website Free Caller Registry and submit our number.

We had to fill out the form and verify our email address. We received an email stating their team will investigate it and we will be hearing back when they have finish the investigation.

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Outlook “An unexpected error has occurred.”

We got a call from a customer who was getting an error in Outlook saying “An unexpected error has occurred.” We Google’d for some advice, but all the suggestions were regarding a corrupt Outlook profile. Well being Windows 11 these settings were a bit tougher to find.

We realized the user was pulling their contacts from their migrated Office 365 account. This was a newer computer and we discovered when they typed in the “Board Members” it populated the Bcc field they wanted but the email wouldn’t send. This is because the group “Board Members” no longer existed in the new Outlook profile.

We went to the ribbon at the top of their Outlook and clicked on the address book icon.

Once the address book opened we went to the top menu item “Tools“, and selected “Options“. Here you need change “Address Book:” to “Contacts“. Now their group was listed and the email sent.

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Firefox Disable Website Notifications

We had a customer who suddenly started getting notifications from a website and didn’t want them any more. The customer was using Firefox browser. Here are the steps to removing or blocking these notifications.

  • Find the settings button. On this machine a new tab gave us a gear icon to click on. There is also the hamburger menu which you click on to expand and select “Settings“.

  • Click on the “Privacy and Security” menu item on the left. Scroll down to “Permissions“. Locate “Notifications” and click on it’s “Settings” button.

  • Select the website’s notification and either “Block” it or “Remove Website”. Then click “Save Changes”.

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Add TXT Record in SiteGround External Domain

We had a customer purchase their web hosting from Siteground, but the domain was going to stay with Network Solutions. We wanted to add “Domain Verification” txt record to the DNS to verify the domain with Google Search Console. The Domain was with Network Solutions and SiteGround recommends you use their Name Servers. When you go to Network Solutions there is no place to put in this TXT file.

At Siteground the area where you find the domain there is no place to do “Advanced” features. Well not all is lost. You can add these records in the “Site Tools” area. In the “Domain” section you will find “DNS Zone Editor”, and here you can add any record you need.

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Google My Business Change Appointment Link

It seems silly to have to write this up, but it took us a minute for us to do it. We thought we would write this up if not for the public, but so we remember. It is very easy.

  • Search for your business in Google.
  • Your business listing should show up, and when it does simply click on the “Bookings” button.
  • Now click on the pencil icon and put in the new URL.

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“No input file specified” WordPress Error

We recently moved a customer’s website to new hosting and after restoring the website we got blank site with just “No input file specified” on the screen. The site had no issues on the old host, and was working great in XXAMP. We were at a loss and headed over to Google for some help.

We do often like the results we get from StackOverflow, so we started with the following suggestions from this page.

“No input file specified” Error in WordPress – Stack Overflow

The hosting plan didn’t allow direct access to the Apache settings. This is one of the suggestions in that article.

We got it resolved and we believe it was by going to PHP 8.2. We tried 8.1 and still had the issue. This is hard to completely determine if PHP was the total reason we got it fixed. We had also took our localhost copy and turned all the plugins off and switched the permalinks to be plain. We switched the permalinks back once the site was live.

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Joomla On Godaddy Not Sending Emails

We noticed a site wasn’t getting the amount of email inquiries we used to get, so we looked in the database to see if any were submitted and we didn’t get it. We were actually reviewing Google’s GA4 and what each part does. We were looking at the real-time results and noticed there a user on just a few minutes ago and they were on the “Contact Us” page. There was an event logged that a user clicked a button. Why didn’t we get the email we thought. This lead us to investigate.

One of the best resources for this is the Joomla documentation website. This page has the best way we have found to use Gmail to send emails.

We moved the site to completely different host company SiteGround to see if we could get it to work at all. It worked perfectly. We used PHPMailer as well as relaying the emails through GMail.

We went back to the Godaddy hosting to try to see if they have a SMTP relay server we could use. We found the following article which looks very promising and it isn’t out-dated.

The problem this customer had is with Godaddy they have the email set to “Remote mail exchanger”, so no email is handled with them. Our next step is to work with Godaddy the hosting provider to either upgrade the hosting or reset the account to get mail routing working.

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Gmail Generate App Password

We discovered we were getting less email inquires so we tested our contact us form, and discovered something was broken. This lead us into investigating the issue. We were routing our contact us form through GMail due to DKIM issues. Our domain and email server are not in the same place, so we run into this issue.

We switched from PHPMailer to SMTP and struggled a bit with the setting. That was partially due to our current hosting settings. We found the best settings were documented by Joomla. See the link below:

It is suggested to use a GMail App Passwode instead of your GMail Password. We found a good article on this setup, but didn’t capture the URLs. We found another article that was just as good.

Link to Article

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Website Scans from karthithehacker

We often run Web Access Firewalls on our sites and we noticed a common threat is from Karthi The Hacker. On their website they claim to be an “Ethical” hacker. From our education the term “hack” is actually “attack”, and this is how we view these attempts. We found their IP address to be “” and put them in our block list.

We don’t know the extent to which this “ethical hacker” is trying to penetrate our website, but we don’t care for it. Check your website firewall and see if the attacker is trying to penetrate your site. If you don’t run a Web Access Firewall contact us and we can help choose one and get it installed properly.

We contacted Karthi to see why we saw these results in our firewall. He is what the response was:

I haven’t tested your site yet. The images that you attached in this email appear to be the payload of my open source tool, which I published for penetration testing and bug bounty purposes. It’s possible that someone from somewhere in the world may have used this tool for their own testing.

Tool link : 

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WordPress Blog Post Not Showing

We made a few post recently and in Firefox and while logged in the posts showed up on the blog page; however, in Chrome and Edge the post wasn’t showing in other browsers. We checked on our phones and the post were not there. In the back-end of the site everything looked like it should.

We did a search and quickly found our answer here.

It was the “Caching” plugin we had installed. We are using “Fastest Cache” plugin. We cleared the cache and the posts were showing. We had made a post almost a month ago that wasn’t showing. We will need to review our caching settings to make sure our posts get out there.

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