Divi Adding More Social Icons At The Top

We needed to add “LinkedIN” icon to the top of a DIVI site. Divi comes loaded with a bunch of social icons and ways to use them, but LinkedIN wasn’t one of them. Here is what we did to get past that.

  • Created a new menu and put it in the “Secondary Menu” position.
  • Turned off the the “Social Icons” in the “Theme Customizer“.
  • Added Custom links to the menu we just created, and you will need the class “et-pb-icon” for this to work.

<span class="et-waypoint et_pb_animation_off et-pb-icon et-animated" style="font-size: 22px;"></span>

The square symbol between the spans is the LinkedIN icon text from the following page:


LinkedIN icon code is: “&#xe0cb;”

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Outlook Cannot log on. Verify You Are Connected…

We had a customer with this issue. One of the error codes was 0x8004011c. It seemed like a profile issue so we created a new profile and repaired Office; however, this didn’t fix the issue.

We went into the Admin section of Office365 to get the MX record for the domain. We realized the web hosting with Godaddy was upgraded last week and perhaps the mail exchange was set to process the mail locally. It was set up that way so we set it to “Remote mail exchange“. The following article helped me work it out.


It took about 10 minutes before the MX published the email was working again.

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O365 Password Expire Phishing Attempt

During a cloud migration from a on-premise Exchange server behind a commercial firewall to a full Office365 Exchange we noticed the amount of spam that was getting through. Here is an example of the email.

The phishing email looks very genuine, but isn’t. We hope you find this information prior to an incident at your facility and it helps you thwart any attempt at gaining access to your facilities network.

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Link Analytics To Search Console Not Working

This is often very straight forward; however, we recently ran into an issue where an account in Analytics and an account in the Search Console wouldn’t link. The Search Console only showed a small amount of the properties we have. We often set up an Analytics account and then set up a Search Console property and link the two. This time when we tried to link them no matter what we did the Property we were looking to link with the Analytics wouldn’t show up. When we hit “Add a site” we were directed to the right property in the Search Console; however, there was no way to link the two.

We found a way to list all of our properties by following the link from the following page:


Using this link directed us to all of our Properties, but still didn’t link up the two platforms of Analytics and Search Console.

The following link lead us to the right answer:


When we set up the Property in the Search Console we did as “Domain“, but what we needed to do is go back to the Property and add it as a “URL Prefix“.

Let us know if this helped you…

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