Photoviewer not displaying due to not enough memory

Got a call from a user that couldn’t open a simple .JPG. They got the error “Windows Photo Viewer can’t display this picture because there might not be enough memory available on your computer”, but the machine has ton of space. The following article offers a resolution of adding the color profile.

I had the user right-click and open with paint. This helped the user view the images. A restart fixed this issue.

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Password Protect Files with 7Zip

We needed to zip a some files and password protect them. The built-in Zip feature in Windows doesn’t allow us to do, but 7ZIP does. Here is what we needed to do.

  • Right-click on the file, go to 7Zip, and select “Add to archive“.
  • Switch the type to zip
  • Enter a password twice. If you don’t see two password boxes uncheck the “show password”.
  • Use the AES encryption.

This worked great; however, the client didn’t have 7ZIP installed and didn’t want to install it. Without 7Zip on their side this process didn’t work. We had to password protect the individual files. Here is what you need to do to unzip them. You will get prompted for the password.

This YouTube video was a great help.

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Outlook Program Trying to Access Email Address Information & VIPRE

We got a call from a customer who got the following popup.

A quick search on the web lead me to this article from Microsoft.

I looked on the server and in the Vipre console I couldn’t push updates or definitions. We restarted the users machine to see if Vipre still shows it needs to be updated. We opened Outlook and didn’t get another warning. We saw the Vipre Add-in start up. We opened the Vipre agent and it asked to be updated. We pushed the button to update, but nothing happened.

In the console we “Forced Updates” instead of “Checking for updates” and this worked. We haven’t seen the warning come back yet.

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Outlook Showing Wrong Profile Picture

We got a call from a customer who had sent themselves an email as a test and the profile picture was someone else’s photo. This would happen as soon as the user typed in there email address and Outlook recognized it the photo of the other person would show up. We changed his profile picture in Outlook to be a white blank, but we still had the issue.

The problem was in the person’s contacts. They had a person in their contacts who picture was showing as the unwanted profile picture. We discovered the user had somehow had our customer’s email address not as the email address, but as the second email address. So when our user went to type in their email address it was associated with the person in their contacts.

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