Add TXT Record in SiteGround External Domain

We had a customer purchase their web hosting from Siteground, but the domain was going to stay with Network Solutions. We wanted to add “Domain Verification” txt record to the DNS to verify the domain with Google Search Console. The Domain was with Network Solutions and SiteGround recommends you use their Name Servers. When you go to Network Solutions there is no place to put in this TXT file.

At Siteground the area where you find the domain there is no place to do “Advanced” features. Well not all is lost. You can add these records in the “Site Tools” area. In the “Domain” section you will find “DNS Zone Editor”, and here you can add any record you need.

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Google My Business Change Appointment Link

It seems silly to have to write this up, but it took us a minute for us to do it. We thought we would write this up if not for the public, but so we remember. It is very easy.

  • Search for your business in Google.
  • Your business listing should show up, and when it does simply click on the “Bookings” button.
  • Now click on the pencil icon and put in the new URL.

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“No input file specified” WordPress Error

We recently moved a customer’s website to new hosting and after restoring the website we got blank site with just “No input file specified” on the screen. The site had no issues on the old host, and was working great in XXAMP. We were at a loss and headed over to Google for some help.

We do often like the results we get from StackOverflow, so we started with the following suggestions from this page.

“No input file specified” Error in WordPress – Stack Overflow

The hosting plan didn’t allow direct access to the Apache settings. This is one of the suggestions in that article.

We got it resolved and we believe it was by going to PHP 8.2. We tried 8.1 and still had the issue. This is hard to completely determine if PHP was the total reason we got it fixed. We had also took our localhost copy and turned all the plugins off and switched the permalinks to be plain. We switched the permalinks back once the site was live.

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