Outlook Online Results Are Limited to 250 items

We had an employee who needed to find an email from a few months ago, but when he searched in Outlook the results only went back

The following article from Microsoft did not work. We changed the “Option” to allow more search results, but this didn’t fix the issue.


We ended up creating a new profile and this totally fixed the issue. It took and hour for the mailbox to be completely rebuilt.

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Domain Scam – info@shuiaknow.icu

We received a email regarding one of our customers domain name was expiring. The email had a “secure” link to make a payment. At first the email appeared legit, but it was from a domain company we recognized. The email said my “Domain SEO” was going to expire. What is a “Domain SEO”?

This alone set off an alarm to us. The domain was registered with SiteGround and in SiteGround the domain didn’t expire until 2022. This was a scam. We looked at the return address for the email “info@shuiaknow.icu“. The domain “shuiaknow.icu” doesn’t exist. Maybe we should send them an email telling them their domain expired.

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