Joomla Gantry GTranlate Conflict

We have a couple of sites built in Joomla and was asked to add Google Translation to a site. We got it styled just the way we wanted using the “Nice dropdown with flags” setting. This worked great on all the pages but the home page. We were using several Joomlead Particles in a Gantry Hydrogen template on the home page, but we had other particles on the default pages as well.

We found the issue was the addition of a hard coded Font Awesome javascript being added in the “Page Settings” of the Gantry Home page layout. We needed to add this in the “</body>” section of the Javascript we were adding. It looks like this below.

The GTranslate chat support was above and beyond helpful. We were using the free version and they got us started in right place by using the Console tab in the browser.

Let us know if this helped you…

Corona Virus Phishing Attempts

One of our employees received an email recently with subject line “Coronavirus update (COVID-19) {employees email address} your neighbors tested positive”. There was an attachment in .XLMS format. The body of the email read.

Download attach file for more details.

Stay informed on the global health pandemic with fast facts, updated numbers and trusted coverage all in one place.

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This has all the markings of a phishing attempt; however, the employee was tempted to open it.

We wanted to inform anyone to stay vigilant regarding possible attacks.

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