Should I Upgrade Joomla 3.X to 4

Short answer…probably not yet. We only say this based on our testing. We used a Joomla 3.10.4 site and downloaded the lastest upgrade package from the Joomla website. We are running a Gantry 5 Template on the site, and a bunch of extensions. None of the extensions are crazy. Mainly Akeeba and No-Number/Regular Labs products. We ran the update and the site was broken.

In the browser title was:

Error: 0 Class 'JRequest' not found

We were hoping it just worked, but we have tried this in past and got roughly the same result. We like using Joomla for the Access Control Levels and the way Joomla handles media such as images over WordPress. Joomla 3.10.x will be around for a few more years; however, we were hoping to go to Joomla 4 for the over all enhancements. Perhaps using a simpler template would work better. For now we would suggest holding off on just upgrading your Joomla 3.X site to 4.

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Website Maintenance Plans A Must

Using Content Management Systems (CMS) makes building websites so much faster, but left unmaintained the site can hurt more than help. We run firewalls on the sites we build and one of the popular tactics we see in the logs is “File Inclusion”. These files often redirect “Search” users to other sites. This will cause a site’s reputation to be affected.

Running updates is not always easy. For the most part the updates work great, but when they go wrong and they can you have to restore the site. When we have had updates go wrong, so we always start with a full backup. Even if the site is small this first step is so worth it. It is probably the best and fastest way to recover your site.

Maintenance isn’t always updates; moreover, this is great time to look at any comments your site may have gotten. This is the time we look at the firewall and block IPs that are repeat offenders. This is also a good time to verify your Google Analytics is tracking correctly. We also take a peek at the users to make sure we don’t see any bad actors in there as well.

We log into unmaintained customer sites and often see many updates that are needed, and it can be scary. So many possible changes. If you read this article and are unsure about updating your website please contact us and we can help. Better safe than sorry….

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DIVI Drop Menu Showing 3

We noticed a few or our DIVI sites started showing a “3” instead of the sideways “chevron” icon. Looking around on the web we were presented with a couple of approaches. One was to add a line of code in the header and another suggested adding a few lines to the .htaccess file. We also noticed some sites ended up being fixed with a DIVI update. One site was tough which is why we added this post.

After adding the following to the .htaccess file most of the pages were fixed.

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
  Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

Our home page was still having the issue, even after clearing the cache in the browser and in the DIVI template. We were able to fix this by going into the “page settings” and disabling the “static page generation” in the “Advanced” tab.

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JCH Optimize Version 7.0.1 Gantry Template Issue

We have used JCH Optimize through the years to improve the load times of websites. While making an update to a Joomla 3.10.2 website and updated the JCH to version 7.0.1. This ended up altering our CSS and removed the padding from the Navigation section. We didn’t delve into finding the exact issue yet, but simply turning the plugin off fixed our issue till we get it fully resolved.

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Outlook Office Products Won’t Start (0x0000142)

We got the call for Excel not opening up. They said all the office products do the same.

The customer had multiple versions of Office, but the shortcuts pointed to version 16. We went into Apps & Features. Went down to the full version of Office and clicked on it. This provided us the “Modify” button. This gave us the options for a “quick repair“. After the repair everything was working fine.

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Outlook Web App Locking Up

We got a call from a user saying the computer was locked up. When we connected we say several applications open and several browser windows open. One of the Browser Windows was Chrome and it was looking to “Choose a file” to upload. That window was unresponsive; however, the other browser windows and application were actually behaving fine. We used the EventViewer to see if there were any application errors and there were several related to Chrome.

Since the Chrome window doing the upload was the only window not working we assumed this was the right path. The details in the Event lead us to Control Panel >> Security and Maintenance section.

In this Security and Maintenance section we could see “AppHang81” event with Chrome.

We found the following article that help us with some possible solutions.

This article goes into the “Add-ins” into Outlook Web App and disabling them.

We will check with the user after a few days to see if this totally resolved their issue.

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Word Default To Bypass Tray & Page 2 Blank

We came across this issue while dealing with a Word Document where no matter what we set the printer properties and printer preferences the paper was pulling from the bypass tray. Another issue was after the first page the next page was blank, but the rest was okay. We were able to get this resolved by going into the “page setup” link.

You will see this when you hit the print button.

In the Page Setup on the second tab “Paper” we had to specify “auto” and take it off of “Default tray (Bypasss Tray)“.

Set this both of these to “Auto“.

The next issue was after the first page it was printing a blank page and then the rest of the document. We solved this by going into the “Layout” tab.

Change section Start to “Continuous“.

In the Layout tab change Section Start to “Continuous“.

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WordPress Block Page From Search Engines

We enjoy using WordPress because it is so friendly with Search Engines; however, what if you have a page you want public but not indexed? There are a number of ways to do this and adding a code to a “header.php” file in your child-theme, but this gets messy. The plug-ins we used in the past are no longer in development. Well everything we needed to achieve this was already installed and it is in Yoast SEO.

  • In the Admin section go to the page you want to block.
  • Expand the Yoast SEO tab.
  • Go down to Advanced and expand it.
  • In the “Allow search engines to show this Post in search results?” set this to “NO“, and the “Should search engines follow links on this Post” to “No

If you look at the source code of the page you will see the meta data for indexing is set to NOT INDEX.

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Google URL Inspection Is Not In Google

We worked on improving the SEO of a page, so when we were finished we removed the old URL and submitted the new one. This was a mistake. We would recommended waiting till the new page has been indexed before removing the old page. The reason for this is that critical page was not indexed at all for a month. The reason for this was there was an error on the page that we didn’t notice Google was warning us. This was on the URL Inspection page.

We overlooked the text stating “because of an error.”, and we keep hitting the “Request Indexing” button. After a few weeks the page never got indexed. We decided to click on the “TEST LIVE URL” button. When we did this we got a completely different screen saying the page is available for indexing. Once it was done we now see this page.

Finally got things moving forward. We are looking forward to seeing new results.

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