Is Google Ranking Websites With SSL higher?

We have been hearing about this since the beginning of the year, and yes we are hearing this from our hosting companies. We used Sucuri a number of times to have a some nasty website attacks cleaned up. They have also recently paired up with some hosting companies such as SiteGround because of the number of attacks across the web.

I watched a recent webinar from Sucuri and they are saying it is true that Google will make your site less important in their search results if you are not using an SSL. This is for straight HTML sites as well as an CMS ECommerce site.

The cost for an SSL is around $100 per year. Installing the SSL and configuring your website to work with the SSL takes a bit of work, but we are use to it. If you are interested in upgrading your site security and need some help feel free to contact us.

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Windows 2012 R2 Server – Critical Memory Error – An Error Was Detected During Memory Initialization

We used a remote support connection to fix a customer’s server. When we were finished patching the server it required a reboot. 30 minutes later the machine wasn’t back on-line we went on site. When the tech walked in he say the following error on the screen.

He discovered the cause was:

The event log within BIOS contains one or more events that should be diagnosed before continuing.

The fix was:
Check the event log in the BIOS, address the issues listed, clear the log and run the diagnostics again to confirm that no further issues are detected. ”

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Determine Computer Name By IP Address Through ARP

We recently had to determine is a particular computer was up on the network. Using the command “arp -a” gaves us all the IPs being used on the network. Next was to ping the ip to resolve the name. We used the following command which didn’t work.

“ping -a”

This pinged the machine and told us it was up; however, we needed the machine name. The next command gave us the computer name.

“ping -a”

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Safe To Update Adobe Flash Player – Not Really!

Had another employee ask to me upgrade his Flash Player. He got a warning that the Flash Player was out-of-date. I actually have worked in Flash for years and appreciate all that it can do, but from a security stand point it can be too powerful.

When I got to his machine I saw the Adobe Flash Player Update page; however, the URL was not

The URL was for “”. Clearly not Adobe.

Be careful with Flash Player updates.

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Brother Intellifax 2820 Fax Machine – How to fix “Toner Life End”

I came across this issue where the Intellifax 2820 Fax Machine would display “Toner Life End” in its tiny LCD display and continues to ask to replace the toner. I did so and nothing changed. I now know that regardless of how much toner was in the cartridge the Fax machine would continue to display “Toner Life End”.

To resolve this issue, I followed these two steps.

1 – I covered the two round holes on either side of the drum unit with a piece of electrical tape to prevent the machine from seeing the toner level (to trick it into thinking that the toner cartridge is full) – in my case this didn’t resolve the issue

2 – The second step was to reset the page counter (this resolved the issue) of the machine.

  • Open the front cover, but leave the toner cartridge where it is
  • press [Options]
  • press * 0 0  (that’s star zero zero)

At this point you should read Accepted on the LCD display.

That should solve the Toner Life End mystery.

Protecting From WannaCry Ransomware

We have been diligently verifying our customers computer systems are up-to-date and protected from the lastest round of Ransomware called “WannaCry”.

Not sure exactly what patches needed to be applied I found a good page from SolarWinds the lists the appropriate patches for a given Operating System.

Microsoft’s Update Catalog allows you to download the the “.MSU” patches. Microsoft recommends using Internet Explorer to download and install the patches. You may need to set downloads to “enable”. In Internet Explorer Tools, under the Security tab, select “Custom Level.”. Scroll down till you see “Download” and click enable.

For antivirus we have been using Vipre. We received a email from Virpe stating the were already protecting customer before the virus was released. That will save us a considerable hassle. Here is the link the sent us.

This list above is good to know the patches.  The next step was to disable “SMB1”. I logged onto the clients server and open Powershell as an administrator, and ran the following commands.

sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb20/nsi
sc.exe config mrxsmb10 start= disabled

All of these updates required a reboot of the server.

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Godaddy Hosting – upload_max_filesize – How Do I Increase My Upload Size

My Joomla install told me the upload_max_filesize is 2M. I changed this in my PHP5.ini file on the server, but this had no effect. I learned later that this takes time to become in effect.

A faster way is to “PHP Selector”. You will see “Switch to PHP Options” in the upper-right. Click on this.  Click on the number next to “upload_max_filesize” and change it to what you want. Godaddy said to keep it under a Gig or you will have issues.

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