AutoCAD All Of The Possible Directories

While working on a drawing in AutoCAD LT we got the following error.

We started with a simple restart, but this did not clear up the error. We did a quick search on the web and came across the following page from AutoCAD.

We would need to contact our tech support to run the program as an Administrator, so before we contacted them we tried the following first.

  • Rename” – the file in the RSA folder in the users directory.
  • Delete” – out the cache in the Windows Directory.

One issue that may be holding us up is the original PDF we received didn’t have the fonts embedded or did they use system fonts. The fonts showed up a squares if we just tried to import the PDF. We ended up exporting the sheet we needed out of Photoshop. We believe the “rasterizing” of the drawing caused the issue; although, we have done this in the past.

Well after too much time we found the file we were working with must be corrupt. We started over from our drawing template and everything worked fine.

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Adding InDeed Job Feed To Website

The job feed just stopped working for us. Indeed wants to sign up and create a developers account. You do this by going to the following link.

The following article was a help to us. For scraping the webpage and selecting out the “items” we wanted to display. This worked on most pages; however, Indeed blocks these requests for security reasons.

After wasting a bunch of time waiting for Indeed to approve our account we found another service that is working well-ish for us. It was It didn’t take long before our job listings were being displayed on our website again. Here is a link to their website.

Let us know if this helped you…

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