Joomla On Godaddy Not Sending Emails

We noticed a site wasn’t getting the amount of email inquiries we used to get, so we looked in the database to see if any were submitted and we didn’t get it. We were actually reviewing Google’s GA4 and what each part does. We were looking at the real-time results and noticed there a user on just a few minutes ago and they were on the “Contact Us” page. There was an event logged that a user clicked a button. Why didn’t we get the email we thought. This lead us to investigate.

One of the best resources for this is the Joomla documentation website. This page has the best way we have found to use Gmail to send emails.

We moved the site to completely different host company SiteGround to see if we could get it to work at all. It worked perfectly. We used PHPMailer as well as relaying the emails through GMail.

We went back to the Godaddy hosting to try to see if they have a SMTP relay server we could use. We found the following article which looks very promising and it isn’t out-dated.

The problem this customer had is with Godaddy they have the email set to “Remote mail exchanger”, so no email is handled with them. Our next step is to work with Godaddy the hosting provider to either upgrade the hosting or reset the account to get mail routing working.

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Gmail Generate App Password

We discovered we were getting less email inquires so we tested our contact us form, and discovered something was broken. This lead us into investigating the issue. We were routing our contact us form through GMail due to DKIM issues. Our domain and email server are not in the same place, so we run into this issue.

We switched from PHPMailer to SMTP and struggled a bit with the setting. That was partially due to our current hosting settings. We found the best settings were documented by Joomla. See the link below:

It is suggested to use a GMail App Passwode instead of your GMail Password. We found a good article on this setup, but didn’t capture the URLs. We found another article that was just as good.

Link to Article

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Website Scans from karthithehacker

We often run Web Access Firewalls on our sites and we noticed a common threat is from Karthi The Hacker. On their website they claim to be an “Ethical” hacker. From our education the term “hack” is actually “attack”, and this is how we view these attempts. We found their IP address to be “” and put them in our block list.

We don’t know the extent to which this “ethical hacker” is trying to penetrate our website, but we don’t care for it. Check your website firewall and see if the attacker is trying to penetrate your site. If you don’t run a Web Access Firewall contact us and we can help choose one and get it installed properly.

We contacted Karthi to see why we saw these results in our firewall. He is what the response was:

I haven’t tested your site yet. The images that you attached in this email appear to be the payload of my open source tool, which I published for penetration testing and bug bounty purposes. It’s possible that someone from somewhere in the world may have used this tool for their own testing.

Tool link : 

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