JCH Optimize Version 7.0.1 Gantry Template Issue

We have used JCH Optimize through the years to improve the load times of websites. While making an update to a Joomla 3.10.2 website and updated the JCH to version 7.0.1. This ended up altering our CSS and removed the padding from the Navigation section. We didn’t delve into finding the exact issue yet, but simply turning the plugin off fixed our issue till we get it fully resolved.

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Outlook Office Products Won’t Start (0x0000142)

We got the call for Excel not opening up. They said all the office products do the same.

The customer had multiple versions of Office, but the shortcuts pointed to version 16. We went into Apps & Features. Went down to the full version of Office and clicked on it. This provided us the “Modify” button. This gave us the options for a “quick repair“. After the repair everything was working fine.

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Outlook Web App Locking Up

We got a call from a user saying the computer was locked up. When we connected we say several applications open and several browser windows open. One of the Browser Windows was Chrome and it was looking to “Choose a file” to upload. That window was unresponsive; however, the other browser windows and application were actually behaving fine. We used the EventViewer to see if there were any application errors and there were several related to Chrome.

Since the Chrome window doing the upload was the only window not working we assumed this was the right path. The details in the Event lead us to Control Panel >> Security and Maintenance section.

In this Security and Maintenance section we could see “AppHang81” event with Chrome.

We found the following article that help us with some possible solutions.


This article goes into the “Add-ins” into Outlook Web App and disabling them.

We will check with the user after a few days to see if this totally resolved their issue.

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Word Default To Bypass Tray & Page 2 Blank

We came across this issue while dealing with a Word Document where no matter what we set the printer properties and printer preferences the paper was pulling from the bypass tray. Another issue was after the first page the next page was blank, but the rest was okay. We were able to get this resolved by going into the “page setup” link.

You will see this when you hit the print button.

In the Page Setup on the second tab “Paper” we had to specify “auto” and take it off of “Default tray (Bypasss Tray)“.

Set this both of these to “Auto“.

The next issue was after the first page it was printing a blank page and then the rest of the document. We solved this by going into the “Layout” tab.

Change section Start to “Continuous“.

In the Layout tab change Section Start to “Continuous“.

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