BlueRocketSEO SEO Scam

We received a FAX from that was an invoice for SEO/Link Building services. The problem is we don’t use anyone to do our SEO, so this is a total scam. They want $99.58 for their “service”. They want you to mail your payments to:

620 Murphy Road
Suite #208
Stafford, TX 77477

If you get a FAX or letter like this totally disregard it. We are submitting this scam to the Better Business Bureau. We are just glad we didn’t also get a late fee.

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Instagram Photos In Joomla Free

We have a Joomla 4 site we are working on and the customer wanted to show their Instagram photo feed. We didn’t budget this in, but wanted the customer to be satisfied. We found a way to do it for Free! The solution came from Unitemplates. Of course it is never easy to get your Instagram Access Token. You will also need the username for this module.

Here is a link to a YouTube video by Go Tech UG that shows you how to get your access Token: Video here.

From there is extremely easy. Just install the module, add your access token and username.

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Joomla Event Gallery Images Not Showing

We were trying out a new free component for Joomla called “Event Gallery”; however, the local images were not showing up for us at first. We created one gallery that pulls from our Google Photos account, and that worked. The second gallery pulled from local images that we uploaded, but this didn’t work. Here is what we would see.

Inspecting the broken link the URL looked right, but still no image. After digging around on the developers website we found the following ticket that gave us our answer.

We were building the site in XXAMP and discovered our PHP.ini needed to allow the extension “gd” enabled.

We restarted Apache in XXAMP and everything was working.

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AutoCAD All Of The Possible Directories

While working on a drawing in AutoCAD LT we got the following error.

We started with a simple restart, but this did not clear up the error. We did a quick search on the web and came across the following page from AutoCAD.

We would need to contact our tech support to run the program as an Administrator, so before we contacted them we tried the following first.

  • Rename” – the file in the RSA folder in the users directory.
  • Delete” – out the cache in the Windows Directory.

One issue that may be holding us up is the original PDF we received didn’t have the fonts embedded or did they use system fonts. The fonts showed up a squares if we just tried to import the PDF. We ended up exporting the sheet we needed out of Photoshop. We believe the “rasterizing” of the drawing caused the issue; although, we have done this in the past.

Well after too much time we found the file we were working with must be corrupt. We started over from our drawing template and everything worked fine.

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Adding InDeed Job Feed To Website

The job feed just stopped working for us. Indeed wants to sign up and create a developers account. You do this by going to the following link.

The following article was a help to us. For scraping the webpage and selecting out the “items” we wanted to display. This worked on most pages; however, Indeed blocks these requests for security reasons.

After wasting a bunch of time waiting for Indeed to approve our account we found another service that is working well-ish for us. It was It didn’t take long before our job listings were being displayed on our website again. Here is a link to their website.

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Adding Google Analytics 4 GA4 To Website.

We added Google’s Tag Manager to our site around 2018; however, we didn’t fully understand the benefits till more recently. While upgrading our Google Analytics to GA4 it forces us to work with Google’s Tag Manager more closely. Once it was connected we looked around for advice on what to see next. We were delighted with the Real-Time data coming in.

The basic steps are:

  • Create you GA4 account
  • Create your Google Tag Manager
  • Add your Tag Manager code to all the pages via code or plugin
  • Connect Tag Manager Account to Analytics Account
  • Set up the Page Triggers
  • Publish the Container
  • Verify the tag is working

So often when reviewing the Analytics you want to know what is going on “right now“. GA4 gives you that real-time data. To explain how this can help you is more than we can tell you. We found great advice from Ranking Academy. Here is a link to a video that Luc made a little while back. He gives great insight o the benefits.

We hope this helps understand while updating your Analytics will benefit you. Google is going to stop the old Universal Analytics in July, so hurry up and get this set up. Need help then just call us and we can do it for you.

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Does Google Search Like Redirects?

We read a while back that Google doesn’t like to index redirects, and well we were wrong. There are circumstances where Google doesn’t mind. We were removing URL‘s in the Search Console to have the cleanest index possible. Now we are going to keep the old URL of page and redirect the user once they get to the old URL. Here is a link to Google’s article.

This is important to your Search Engine Optimization due to you never know when the new URL will be crawled. We waited 3 months for one of our pages to get indexed, and this is after submitting a request in the search console. We had removed the old URL in the search console, so that page wasn’t indexed for 3 months. It was a page dedicated for one of our main services.

The big take away is don’t remove pages from Google’s index if the page is valuable to you. Use a 301 redirect instead. This will not hurt your site’s performance. AHREFS shows if the page isn’t found an alternative page could be. In our case the page was for Data Cabling and the About Us page was the closest alternative.

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Find Google My Business Missing Reviews

One of our clients received an outstanding Google review; however, the review isn’t showing up. The person who left the review sent us a screenshot of the review and everything looks legit. We decided to contact Google for help to find the missing review. Here is the link to the best place to start.

We went through the process and got the the screen where we choose “Email” and then had to fill out specifics. Everything was straightforward till we got to finding the business profile ID. Next to the field was a link to find the business ID. It lead us to this page.

Go to your Google My Business Listing for this business to edit the listing. One way to get there is to type in the exact name of the business the way it shows in the Google My Business listing.

Once you get the page to manage the listing click on the 3-Dot Hamburger menu to get to “Business Profile Settings“. Here you find the ID. We also found this ID while hovering over the business listing and in the URL preview at the bottom of the browser window you will see and need to write down this number. We blocked out the number but it will be where the red circle is.

We heard back from Google that review may violate one of their guidelines. The reviews go through an automated process, so support can’t see the review to be able to tell you what is wrong. Here is link to their guidelines.

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