WordPress Blog Post Not Showing

We made a few post recently and in Firefox and while logged in the posts showed up on the blog page; however, in Chrome and Edge the post wasn’t showing in other browsers. We checked on our phones and the post were not there. In the back-end of the site everything looked like it should.

We did a search and quickly found our answer here.


It was the “Caching” plugin we had installed. We are using “Fastest Cache” plugin. We cleared the cache and the posts were showing. We had made a post almost a month ago that wasn’t showing. We will need to review our caching settings to make sure our posts get out there.

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HostGator Umbraco Unable To Renew Let’s Encrypt SSL

We took over a website that uses Umbraco a Windows based CMS. Finding hosting was tough, but we found HostGator which offered a lot for a little. Things were going fine for 90 days till the Let’s Encrypt SSL needed to be renewed. Before we knew it the site was getting privacy issues and the customer is worried. We had to call HostGator tech support, because there was nothing in the hosting that we could see that would cause the issue.

This took a couple of days to resolve, and it wasn’t something we would have known. HostGator’s tech support dug around and found that with Umbraco the needed to add a “path” to the “UmbracoReservedUrls” key. They needed to add the value “~/.well-known/”.

We didn’t like it took a week to get resolved, but we are still happy with HostGator’s web hosting.

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Yoast WordPress Set Permalinks Before Going Live

We finished a new WordPress site that has Yoast installed, and when we went to set the permalinks on the live site we couldn’t. We got a warning that changing the permalinks would have a serious impact. A serious good impact on SEO is what were look to get with the change. We should have made the changed before we transferred the site.

We looked around for a quick solution to put the site in maintenance mode, so we tried a couple of plugin. The site is hosted on SiteGround and they have great caching features which make the site fast, but can sometimes be frustrating when you are in development mode. The plugins were tried were not working quickly.

We did install the plugin “Maintenance”, so the next day we tried it again. This time we realized the works “Maintenance mode on” at the top in the DIVI toolbar. We tried to change the permalinks and this time it worked. So grateful to the get the page titles working.

We found a lot of ways to solve this on the following page.


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