DIVI AI Art & Content Generation

We have found the DIVI theme builder to be a helpful tool for generating great CSS, but now it can generate Content and Art. We recently was encouraging a customer to start blogging. They had good writing skills and exciting ideas. For the customer’s post we reached out to the customer’s friend to make a header image for the post. Then we heard about DIVI AI and thought we would try it on this test post. It generated the image quickly and was impressive looking.

Don’t get scared because we never got the image we really wanted, but it was almost “good enough”. That isn’t good enough for us, but we can see where this can be helpful for image placement. We were able to define the size so we could finalize the page layout. That was helpful.

We wanted an image to illustrate a couple that went camping and forgot their tent. We put in “looking into the back of a suv and tent is missing“. Here is what we got.

Let us know if this helped you…


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