Outlook Online Results Are Limited to 250 items

We had an employee who needed to find an email from a few months ago, but when he searched in Outlook the results only went back

The following article from Microsoft did not work. We changed the “Option” to allow more search results, but this didn’t fix the issue.


We ended up creating a new profile and this totally fixed the issue. It took and hour for the mailbox to be completely rebuilt.

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Domain Scam – info@shuiaknow.icu

We received a email regarding one of our customers domain name was expiring. The email had a “secure” link to make a payment. At first the email appeared legit, but it was from a domain company we recognized. The email said my “Domain SEO” was going to expire. What is a “Domain SEO”?

This alone set off an alarm to us. The domain was registered with SiteGround and in SiteGround the domain didn’t expire until 2022. This was a scam. We looked at the return address for the email “info@shuiaknow.icu“. The domain “shuiaknow.icu” doesn’t exist. Maybe we should send them an email telling them their domain expired.

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Outlook Wont Print Portrait

Got a call from a user who recently changed her print option to landscape and couldn’t get it back to portrait. Going through the regular print options didn’t get back to portrait. Looked on the web for another solution and this following YouTube post had the right answer.

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Windows 10 Start Menu On Side Not Bottom

We got a call from a user who’s start menu wasn’t working normally on her desktop machine. When we logged in the start menu was already popped up and the taskbar wasn’t visible. Not sure what the user had done but we I clicked in the Notification area I saw the machine was in “Tablet Mode”. Unchecked this and everything was normal.

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Outlook Cannot open the Outlook Window

We upgraded a Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 via the Media Creation Tool. Once the upgrade was finished Outlook wouldn’t run. We got the following error.

We uninstalled and re-installed the Office program but this didn’t solve the issue. We ran a repair from the “uninstall Program” but choosing “repair”. This time I start to check Office by opening Word and not Outlook. Word opened fine and so did all the rest of the Office suite. Outlook opened like it should.

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Cancel Godaddy Hosting

Had a customer who needed to cancel their hosting plan. Normally we set them up so canceling was as new one on us. Here is what we needed to do.

  • Log into their Godaddy Account.
  • In the “My Products” section we clicked the “Options” button next to the hosting plan we were canceling.
  • Then we needed to hit “Cancel this account” on the next screen.

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Strange Files On Camera SD Card

Got a call from a user who couldn’t read the files off of her SD Card from her Cannon Powershot 190. We connected to her machine and this is what the files looked like in the card reader.

We found articles on the web declaring it is a virus, bad encryption, or just corrupt. We put the card back in the camera and used the camera to format the card again. This fixed the issue and the card could be used again.

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Photoviewer not displaying due to not enough memory

Got a call from a user that couldn’t open a simple .JPG. They got the error “Windows Photo Viewer can’t display this picture because there might not be enough memory available on your computer”, but the machine has ton of space. The following article offers a resolution of adding the color profile.


I had the user right-click and open with paint. This helped the user view the images. A restart fixed this issue.

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Password Protect Files with 7Zip

We needed to zip a some files and password protect them. The built-in Zip feature in Windows doesn’t allow us to do, but 7ZIP does. Here is what we needed to do.

  • Right-click on the file, go to 7Zip, and select “Add to archive“.
  • Switch the type to zip
  • Enter a password twice. If you don’t see two password boxes uncheck the “show password”.
  • Use the AES encryption.

This worked great; however, the client didn’t have 7ZIP installed and didn’t want to install it. Without 7Zip on their side this process didn’t work. We had to password protect the individual files. Here is what you need to do to unzip them. You will get prompted for the password.

This YouTube video was a great help.

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Outlook Program Trying to Access Email Address Information & VIPRE

We got a call from a customer who got the following popup.

A quick search on the web lead me to this article from Microsoft.


I looked on the server and in the Vipre console I couldn’t push updates or definitions. We restarted the users machine to see if Vipre still shows it needs to be updated. We opened Outlook and didn’t get another warning. We saw the Vipre Add-in start up. We opened the Vipre agent and it asked to be updated. We pushed the button to update, but nothing happened.

In the console we “Forced Updates” instead of “Checking for updates” and this worked. We haven’t seen the warning come back yet.

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