Add Google Business Hours to Website

We were wondering how to do this and never got it working till today. We wanted this in the footer of Joomla site running Gantry 5 template. Regular Labs Sourcer plugin was already installed. This will allow us to add some PHP in a Custom HTML module, and put the code in the footer position. Here was the code that was needed.

    $curlURL = '';
    $curl = curl_init($curlURL);
    curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1 );
    $response=curl_exec( $curl );
        $day = jddayofweek($i,1);
        echo($day.": ".substr($response,$start,stripos($response,'\"]',$start)-$start)."<br />");

We got this from the following link:

To get our Company business ID we used the following link.

We typed in our business name, found our listing, and when we clicked on the red location arrow we got our business listing ID. Everything worked but the hours weren’t quite right. As we messed with it to get it right we suddenly started getting a different error.

302 Moved
The document has moved here.
Wednesday: http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"> 

This error happens now due to too many requests. Going to give it some time to see if we can get it worked out from a different IP or wait a day or two.

After a couple of days we ended up putting a PHP file with the code above in the templates/hydrogen/html folder and using Sourcer plugin to “include” the code into a custom HTML module. This worked perfectly.

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What is

These are safe to click on. We were signing up a new user to a website, but the email the user received had the username and password changed to “….”. It turned out to be the new Barracuda spam filter the client had put in was blocking the “username” and “password” being sent through the email.

Here is the link to the Barracuda spam filter service.

This is Barracuda’s “real-timeURL analysis rewriting the URLs. Bad URLs get directed to Barracuda’s warning, and good URL‘s go through. These “redirected” URLs don’t go away so they don’t expire, so those old links will still work. There is more information here on Barracuda’s site.

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Divi Adding More Social Icons At The Top

We needed to add “LinkedIN” icon to the top of a DIVI site. Divi comes loaded with a bunch of social icons and ways to use them, but LinkedIN wasn’t one of them. Here is what we did to get past that.

  • Created a new menu and put it in the “Secondary Menu” position.
  • Turned off the the “Social Icons” in the “Theme Customizer“.
  • Added Custom links to the menu we just created, and you will need the class “et-pb-icon” for this to work.

<span class="et-waypoint et_pb_animation_off et-pb-icon et-animated" style="font-size: 22px;"></span>

The square symbol between the spans is the LinkedIN icon text from the following page:

LinkedIN icon code is: “&#xe0cb;”

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Outlook Cannot log on. Verify You Are Connected…

We had a customer with this issue. One of the error codes was 0x8004011c. It seemed like a profile issue so we created a new profile and repaired Office; however, this didn’t fix the issue.

We went into the Admin section of Office365 to get the MX record for the domain. We realized the web hosting with Godaddy was upgraded last week and perhaps the mail exchange was set to process the mail locally. It was set up that way so we set it to “Remote mail exchange“. The following article helped me work it out.

It took about 10 minutes before the MX published the email was working again.

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O365 Password Expire Phishing Attempt

During a cloud migration from a on-premise Exchange server behind a commercial firewall to a full Office365 Exchange we noticed the amount of spam that was getting through. Here is an example of the email.

The phishing email looks very genuine, but isn’t. We hope you find this information prior to an incident at your facility and it helps you thwart any attempt at gaining access to your facilities network.

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Link Analytics To Search Console Not Working

This is often very straight forward; however, we recently ran into an issue where an account in Analytics and an account in the Search Console wouldn’t link. The Search Console only showed a small amount of the properties we have. We often set up an Analytics account and then set up a Search Console property and link the two. This time when we tried to link them no matter what we did the Property we were looking to link with the Analytics wouldn’t show up. When we hit “Add a site” we were directed to the right property in the Search Console; however, there was no way to link the two.

We found a way to list all of our properties by following the link from the following page:

Using this link directed us to all of our Properties, but still didn’t link up the two platforms of Analytics and Search Console.

The following link lead us to the right answer:

When we set up the Property in the Search Console we did as “Domain“, but what we needed to do is go back to the Property and add it as a “URL Prefix“.

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Outlook Not Sending Emails – Adobe

We had a call from a customer with the issue where her emails were not leaving Outlook and just stacking up. We checked profiles, passwords, and all the usual suspects; however, new profiles and such only fixed the issue for that day. When the issue appeared the following day we dug deeper and saw the following Creative Cloud storage was popping up in the email.

The customer wasn’t sure what this was but when she clicked “Yes” the email sent. It didn’t send for us; however, we disabled this “Add-in” by doing the following:

  1. Click File on the Outlook menu
  2. Click Options on the File menu
  3. Click Add-ins
  4. Select COM Add-ins from the Manage drop-down
  5. Click Go
  6. Deselect Adobe Document Cloud for Microsoft Outlook – Acrobat
  7. Click OK.

After this the emails were leaving the outbox.

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Open WEBP File In Photoshop

We recently needed to open a .webp file to resize it to match the other logos needed on a website. We discovered someone has created a plugin to work with Photoshop. We are using an older copy of Photoshop CS6. Here is link to the Plugin:

We downloaded it and put it into “C:\\program files\adobe\photoshop(64 bit)\plugins\“. We did need admin rights to paste the file. Restarted Photoshop and we could open the files

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Chrome Remembers Zoom Setting

Here are the steps to get to that menu and see the custom stored zoom webpages.

Menu >> settings >> privacy and security tab on left side >>  scroll down to additional content settings >> Zoom levels

From there you should be able to see any custom zoom settings Chrome saved.  Click on the X to delete the setting.

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